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COVR0101   Coverite   21st Century Paint 11 oz. White
     21st Century Model Paint is a High Gloss, Fuelproof Paint Specially
         Formulated to Match 21st Century Film and Fabric Coverings.

FEATURES: Can be used on Film, Fabric, Wood, Metal and Many Plastics (ABS,
            Styrene, Lexan, Acetate, etc.)
          Tough, Lightweight and Fuelproof (up to 15% Raw Nitro or any spent
            fuel), Stands Up To Years of Nitro and Gasoline Exposure.
          Acrylic Lacquer Based Formula offers the same High-Gloss Shine as
            21st Century Coverings.
          Patented Nozzle may be Rotated to Change Spray Angle.

INCLUDES: One 11oz Can of 21st Century Hi-Gloss White Paint.

REQUIRES: 21st Century Primer for a Base Coat.

          21st Century is NOT COMPATIBLE WITH ANY OTHER PAINT.
          In order to get a true match between 21st Century Paint and the 21st
            Century Coverings, you must use 21st Century Primer (COVR0113) as a
            Base Coat.
          Nitrate Dope should be used on Fabrics before applying 21st Century
          The Matching 21st Century Film Covering is COVQ0201.
          The Matching 21st Century Fabric Covering is COVQ0301.
           When applying over monokote, lightly sand off shine with a 320-400
             grit sandpaper, clean surface with alcohol and allow to dry.
             Apply in thin coats.

  Warning: Extremely Flammable! Contains Hydrocarbon propellants, acetone,
             xylene, Ethylbenzene and toluene.
First Aid: This is Harmful or Fatal if Swallowed, do not induce vomiting. Get
             medical attention or contact Poison Control Center immediately.
           Pregnant women should avoid exposure to solvents.
           In case of breathing difficulty, leave the area to obtain fresh air.
           If difficulty continues, get medical assistance immediately.
           If eye contact occurs, flush immediately with water for 15 minutes
             and get medical attention; for skin, wash thoroughly with soap and

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