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MID65-4   Midwest   Aerogloss 3.5 oz. Clear
                    This is a 3.5 oz glass jar of Pactra
              Gloss Clear Colored Aero-Gloss Dope from Midwest.
    The original hot fuel proof butyrate dope system which gives a durable,
          fast-drying, lightweight and beautiful lacquer-type finish.

FEATURES: Used for Tissue Covered Airplane Models, Control Line Airplane Models,
            R/C Airplane and Boat Models, Wood Scouting Projects and Model
          For use on paper, fabric coverings, balsa and basswood.
          Clear dope may be applied over all Aero-Gloss dope colors for added
          Contains no lead.

INCLUDES: One 3.5 oz Glass Jar of Gloss Clear Colored Aero-Gloss Dope

REQUIRES: Use in a well ventilated area with lung, eye and skin protection.
          Aero-Gloss Thinner      (MIDR7343) for airbrushing and clean-up.
            (If airbrushing, thin 1 part dope with 1 part Aero-Gloss thinner.)

SPECS:    Net Weight: 3.5 oz (103.5 mL)
          Dope Type:  Butyrate
          Fuel Proof: between 20% to 25%

COMMENTS: Flammable: Contains toluol and methyl ethyl keytone.
          As with any type of painting procedure, always test for compatibility
            of materials on a scrap piece before attempting to paint model.
          For best results:  Fill and seal wood with Sanding Sealer, Balsa
            Fillercoat Primer or Prep Primer.  Sand smooth and clean surface.
            Use at 70 to 80 degrees (F), brushing or airbrushing with several
            thin coats instead of one heavy coat.  To thin for airbrushing, use
            only Aero-Gloss Thinner.  Dries ready-to-handle in 30 minutes;
            recoat in 1 hour for brushing, and any time for spraying.
          Tape free in 30-60 minutes before sanding and 24 hours or overnight
            before masking with vinyl electrical tape for trim painting.  After
            painting trim, dry at least 15 minutes before removing tape.
          Cures to maximum fuel resistance in 3 days under normal drying
            conditions.  Dust free in 5-10 minutes.
          Allow 72 hours dry time if Formula-U is to be applied as a topcoat.
          Tissue Models: Final applications of 1 part dope to 1 part Aero-Gloss
            thinner provides the smoothest finish.

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