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MID87-4   Midwest   Aerogloss 3.5 oz. Fuel Proofer
                       This is a 3.5 oz glass jar of
                Fuel Proofer for Aero-Gloss Dope from Midwest.
    The original hot fuel proof butyrate dope system which gives a durable,
          fast-drying, lightweight and beautiful lacquer-type finish.

FEATURES: Enhances fuel resistance when used over Aero-Gloss dopes.
          Used for Tissue Covered Airplane Models, Control Line Airplane Models,
            R/C Airplane and Boat Models, Wood Scouting Projects and Model
          For use on paper, fabric coverings, balsa and basswood.
          No thinning required before airbrushing.
          Contains no lead.

INCLUDES: One 3.5 oz Glass Jar of Fuel Proofer for Aero-Gloss Dope

REQUIRES: Use in a well ventilated area with lung, eye and skin protection.

SPECS:    Fluid Ounce: 3.5 oz (103.5 mL)
          Type:        Butyrate
          Fuel Proof:  between 20% to 25%

COMMENTS: Flammable: Contains esters and isopropyl alcohol.
          As with any type of painting procedure, always test for compatibility
            of materials on a scrap piece before attempting to paint model.
          For best results:
            1. Fill and seal wood surfaces.  Carefully sand smooth.
            2. Apply to clean, dry surface.
            3. Enhances the fuel resistance of Aero-Gloss does.
            4. Use at 70 to 80 degrees (F).  Airbrush several light mist coats;
               no thinning required before airbrushing.
            5. Dries dust free in 10 minutes.  Dries ready-to-handle in
               30-45.  Recoat at any time.
            6. Attains maximum fuel resistance within 72 hours, provided Aero-
               Gloss dope undercoats are thoroughly dry.

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